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The Best Ketogenic Diet Supplements

The ketogenic diet is gaining popularity as people seek to optimize their health by taking the low- carb, high fats eating plan. However, some people find it difficult to maintain the ketogenic diet because it requires one to cut some food options. You need to be determined to get through the whole ketogenic diet over time as you gain a healthier lifestyle.

Ketogenic supplements play an important role to boost your health as you undergo the ketones diet. These supplements can also help you to reduce the flu that is associated with taking the ketogenic diet and enhance performance. The following are the major ketogenic supplements.


plate full of saladWhen you are taking the ketogenic diet, the chances are that you will be magnesium deficient because the keto diet does not supply enough of the magnesium nutrients. This mineral will help in boosting your energy and regulate the blood sugar in the body to boost the entire immune system.

Because ketogenic diet and reliance on the processed foods and among other factors can cause the magnesium deficiency condition of the body, the condition can be eliminated by consuming ketogenic supplements that meet your magnesium needs. You are required to take at least 200-400g of magnesium. This will help to eliminate the effects experienced when transitioning to a ketogenic diet.

MCT oil

The ketone dieters are recommended to take the Medium-chain triglycerides or MCT oil, which is a popular supplement to the ketogenic diet. The MCTs are preferable compared to the Long-chain triglycerides because they are metabolized differently, and they are the most common type of fats found in food.

MCTs are important to the body when you are transitioning to a ketogenic diet since they are broken down by the liver and enter directly into the bloodstream to provide energy for your muscles and brain. Coconut oil is a rich source of MCT oil since about 60% of its fatty acids are in the form of MCTs. This supplement will help the ketosis process to be healthy and act as a weight loss tool.

Omega-3 fatty acids

Fish or the krill oil is the major source of omega-3 fatty acids that play an important role when you are undergoing the ketosis process. The omega-3 fatty acids benefit the body in many ways, which include, reducing the fats imbalance that may promote inflammatory diseases to your body by maintaining the omega3 to omega-6 ration.

Similarly, the omega-3 acids supplement helps in maintaining the overall health when taking the ketogenic diet. It is recommended that you consult a doctor before taking the omega-3 acid supplements to because they can have a risk of bleeding.

Vitamin D

raspberriesPeople are required to have optimal levels of vitamin D in the body, and this is important especially to those taking the ketogenic diet. It is a good idea to supplement your ketogenic diet with vitamin D because deficiency may cause impaired immune system.

You need the vitamin D to facilitate the absorption of calcium because it lacks in the ketogenic diet. This supplement is also responsible for cellular growth, lowering inflammation and promote bone health.